The Deluxe Survival Kit Is Excellent for Being Prepared for a 72 Hour Emergency Situation

An emergency survival kit with the right amount of supplies for a seventy two hour time period is an excellent method of being prepared ahead of time. Hopefully you will never have to use any emergency supplies ever, but if in the case that an emergency did break out, you would be ready ahead of time and be able to increase your chances of survival. The most important of all supplies is fresh drinking water. This is not very arguable since the human body is automatically losing 3 quarts of water per day.

If your area provides a hot climate then the body loses even more than 3 quarts of water per day. The human body cannot sustain existence for more than an average of 3 days without water. Since the human body needs water on a daily basis and it cannot exist without hydration for more than 72 hours, at an absolute minimum there should be three days worth of emergency water packed in your survival pack. The next most important thing will depend on the situation you are involved in.

The supplies available should be well in stock packed in a back-pack ready to go. In the situation where you would need to escape or evacuate you will be ready in advance. Having all of the supplies necessary for a three day time period is great so whatever comes up you will be prepared ahead of time. The Deluxe survival kit is excellent for a 72 hour time period. It has all of the essential survival products necessary plus more. The food bars and the emergency water have a five year shelf life so you can keep them well in stock without worrying about spoilage. All of the necessary tools, first aid, temporary shelter, warming and emergency lighting products are all supplied in the Deluxe Survival Kit.

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