The Best Emergency Kit For Your Family

Would you do anything to protect your family? If a disaster took place, do you think they have everything they need to respond? Your emergency survival kit should have enough food, water and shelter to last your family for at least three days.

If your shopping for a survival kit or if you’re building your own, look for something that’s self-contained, waterproof and has enough access to food and water to sustain your family for at least 72 hours. That’s the minimum amount of time it’s going to take for any assistance to arrive.

For us, the best emergency kit means having all the supplies you need in one convenient bag. Emergency kits should include all the emergency food, water and survival tools inside an easy-to-carry backpack or duffle bag. The best emergency kit should also protect your family from the wind, and rain, and should have sleeping bags, body warmers, ponchos and tents required to survive in the wilderness. There should be enough supplies to keep them comfortable until help arrives.

Mountain House Food Makes The Best Emergency Food.

While there are enough energy bars in the emergency survival kit to survive 72 hours, ideally you want to supplement any emergency kits with food from Mountain House. The food comes in packets ideal for storing inside any emergency kit. The types of food range from eggs and bacon to beef stew and spaghetti with meat sauce. The food tastes amazing and it won’t expire for 30 years. All you need to do is add water. Try to stock up on approximately two weeks’ worth of food per individual.

Emergency Food Storage

Many times, first responders will take more than 72 hours to arrive after a disaster ( examples include hurricane Katrina, Harvey, and Irma). To ensure you have enough available food, store your emergency food in your basement or inside a closet. You can also regularly use it for camping and during power outages.

The Best Emergency Kit For Your Vehicle

Having the best emergency survival kit will do you no good if you can’t access it. For that reason, its prudent to store one inside the truck of your vehicle. You may need to evacuate on short notice, or shelter-in-place during a storm. For those instances, it’s recommended having a car emergency kit inside your vehicle at all times. A car emergency kit will have everything one person needs to survive, including food, water, jumper cables, N95 masks, survival blankets, a radio and first-aid supplies.

These are real-life survival solutions for your family.

A Roadside Emergency Kit [] is a perfect solution for any family road trip. This roadside emergency kit includes food, water, blankets, survival tools like matches, a shovel, ax and saw. It has a tire inflator in case you get a flat and jumper cables for a dead battery. If you become unexpectedly stuck in your vehicle or are forced to wait out a storm, rest assured you will have access to everything you need from the trunk of your car.

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